Saturday, June 11, 2011

Favorite Pens

Favorite filling system: Pilot Custom 823

Favorite writing nib: Bentley fine steel nib tuned by R. Binder

Favorite NOS pen: Sheaffer Legacy with 18 ct gold inlaid nib

Favorite nib style: Waterman's Carene inlaid nib

Favorite pen body: Laban Mento Tortoise Shell

Favorite pen cap: Visconti Rembrandt

Favorite resin: Libelle Epic Ivory Swirl

Favorite work pen: Pilot Vanishing Point - carbonesque - with Pilot black ink

Favorite reliable pen: Levenger TW black onyx with Noodler's Polar Black

Favorite Demonstrator: Pelikan M205 Blue Demonstrator

Favorite sketching pen: Namiki Falcon with sf nib

What is your favorite?

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