Thursday, September 22, 2011

TWSBI Diamond 540 Fountain Pen

My Diamond 540 fine point just arrived today from Goldspot Pens. I haven't even decided which color of ink to fill it with yet, but wanted to post a pre-review: This is a lot of pen for $50!  I missed the 530 at that price and vowed not to let that happen next time.  Next time was two days ago!  Kudos to Goldspot for the Twitter notice of the intro, the great price and quick ship!

PRE-VIEW: Demonstrator piston-fill fountain pen with interchangeable nibs for $50.00!  Even the display box is so cool, you feel like the whole thing should be kept unopened and put on a display shelf along side of the model and diorama that you spent hours building.  It looks like a cross between a Pelikan demo and a Levenger Truewriter, with the best attributes of both pens.  The only thing that I'm not crazy about is the faceted barrel; I'd rather it be a smooth tube, but that's just personal preference.  A piston filler this nice for $50 - who cares about a few facets!