Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pen Frogs

Have you ever seen one of those pewter desk-top pen holders for $80 or more, with a sculpture of Atlas, a dragon, or an animal to hold one single pen? And did you exclaim, "That's ridiculous! There's no way I'd spend that much for a pen holder. I could buy an awesome pen for that amount!" You didn't? Oh, well I did.

Anyway, if you'd prefer a much cheaper solution to keeping your pens handy on your desk, a glass frog is the answer. I snuck this picture off of EBay because these are more interesting and colorful than the one that I have - mine is clear glass like the one in the upper right-hand corner.

These frogs are designed to sit at the bottom of a vase for flower arranging but are even better for arranging pens on your desk. And, they hold a whole handful of pens all at once. They are easily found in antique stores and range from $5 - $20. The ones with color are more expensive.


Kim said...

Indeed! I am staring at one right now that I found at a local antique mall. It took a while to find one that the holes were big enough to fit even wider pens, but it works like a charm, and I think it's reasonably attractive as well.

Alora said...

Also I use one to hold, eye liner, lip liner, toothbrushes, makeup brushes & any other cosmetic utensil gracefully on the bathroom counter. For toothbrushes it's really classy.