Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Levenger True Writer Sketcher Pencil

Many of my favorite writing instruments are from family and friends because they all know of my affection for them. This mechanical sketching pencil from Levenger was given to me by my friend and co-worker June. The Sketcher has a thick 5.6mm graphite lead. It comes in a zippered tin and includes a variety of colored leads. The sketcher operates and looks similar to the narrower clutch-style mechanical pencils made by Kohinoor for sketching and drafting. The larger diameter of this pencil makes it really comfortable to use and the barrel is a rich resin. This is my favorite sketching pencil - the large diameter forces you to sketch. You won't be tempted to write or do detailed drawings. It is perfect for large, bold and quick sketches.
The good news is that Levenger has this item on sale now. The bad news is that means they are discontinuing it. Too bad.


Unknown said...

I've been looking for one of these pens! Do you know where I can buy one?

Vanrensalier said...

Sashimi -

Levenger discontinued these. However, they still carry the highlighter version, which is bright yellow but comes in the same case and will hold the large graphite lead. Koh-I-Noor makes a 5.6mm Clutch Pencil (Model #5359) which can be found at cultpens.com and Amazon has a large clutch pencil set for just $10. Run a search for "5.6mm clutch pencil" in your browser and you will find a few different versions to choose from. Let me know what you end up with.

Sunny CA said...

I think the manufacturer of Levenger's highlighters is Kaweco. Almost identical to yours I think:


Unfortunately these are nearly gone because Kaweco, a German company, lost their US distributor.

Vanrensalier said...

Thanks for the link. Those clutch pencils are great for sketching.