Monday, March 30, 2015

Wenger Junior Zippered Padfolio

The Wenger Junior Zippered Padfolio makes a great portable stationary kit, with room for four pens, stamps, pad and address book. 

1. Interior pocket is large enough to hold a small Kindle.
It also has pockets for credit cards and drivers license. The Padfolio comes with the smaller white lined pad pictured below (#3), not the Rhodia pad. The folio appears and feels well made; constructed with "Ultrahyde", (a form of bonded leather that looks and feels like real leather) on the outside and synthetic materials on the inside. The zipper is sturdy and pulls open and closed easily.  

The pen loops comfortably hold full size fountain pens. The pens pictured are a Cross ATX, Cross Apogee, highlighter and Namiki Vanishing Point. All that combined with the Kindle is a bit too much (#1), but it will all zip closed. Without the Kindle, it zips closed easily (#2). 

2. A Rhodia No. 16 tablet fits snugly.

A Rhodia No. 16 pad just barely fits and is considerably larger and thicker than the stock pad. A book-bound style pad, such as a calendar, Circa Junior (Levenger) or composition book will not slide in securely. The fabric slot for the pad only works sliding in from the top; that is it is horizontal to the Padfolio, and there is no vertical slot.  The interior pocket is roomy enough for a set of thank you cards and envelopes.

3. Padfolio with stock pad of paper.

The cover pocket does not zip or snap closed, but is great for stuffing in a small address book or small envelopes (#4). The address book pictured here would actually fit in all the way but was pulled out a little for the sake of the photo.

4. Padfolio includes one pocket on the outside.

At about $17.00 on Amazon (that includes shipping), the Wenger Jr. Zippered Padfolio is a great value for a leather(-ish) case, and compares well with genuine leather cases I have seen for as much as $95.00. Time will tell if it lasts well.

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