Monday, August 29, 2011

Libelle Siena Fountain Pen - Nero Black

My wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, and I replied with an embarrassed grin that it was already on the way.  I had been eyeing the Libelle Siena fountain pen and when it went on sale, I grabbed it up.  I've read a number of comments by fountain pen collectors about black pens with chrome trim being boring, but they are still my favorite.  It is just a classy masculine combination.  The Libelle Siena combines it with a ribbing that reminds me of designs from the 1930s.  
Libelle Siena Fountain Pen
This pen is large but not heavy: 5 3/8" capped.  5/8" in diameter. 6 3/8" posted. 4 7/8" with the cap off.

The clip is solid (not folded metal) and due to the up-turned end, it slides easily over a shirt pocket.  The tell-tale Libelle dragonfly logo is well-presented in the cap button. The etching in the cap band is very shallow, which always looks cheap to me.  But the rest of the pen looks and feels well made.

Cap button with dragonfly logo.
The cap posts by screwing onto the end of the pen.  So, there's no bother with the cap falling off while writing.  However, with mine posted, the clip does not line up with the nib - it is about 90 degrees off which annoys me.  The Siena is amazingly long at nearly 6 1/2" with the cap posted, which I like. It is a bit top-heavy but not uncomfortable.

Pen with cap posted
The Siena comes with a long Libelle converter, with an agitator.  I have seen these little balls in converters before but didn't know why they were there.  And recently ran across a comment elsewhere about how agitators in converters help to break up surface tension and so aid the ink flow.  Of course there are many factors that effect ink flow, but I can say that my Siena does not have ink flow problems after my second ink fill.  (The first time I filled the pen it would skip on the first stroke.)  It is filled with Waterman black and writes very well.

Large steel medium point nib
The nib is a large steel iridium point (Schmidt?)  medium nib that writes with an easy wet line.  I'd describe this nib as medium-plus.  It gives a fuller line than say a Japanese medium nib. The large nib provides a nice balance to the large pen.

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